The Creative Children curriculum makes children innovative, creative, intellectually curious, compassionate, respectful individuals from a young age, building a strong foundation for them to be successful not only as a learner but also as a person. Jargalan’s students understand their national identity and aspire to pioneer the future development of the country.

Core subjects

6-8 programmes are undertaken to develop each student, with constant evaluations and improvements to suit the child’s needs.

  • Speech
    Language & speech
  • Math
    Basic mathematics
  • Art
    Music and drawing
  • Social
  • Sports
    Movements and health
  • Nature
    Natural and social environments

Additional courses

  • Dance
  • EQ
    EQ development
  • IQ
    IQ development
  • Checkers
  • STEM


With the help of parents’ support and feedbacks, we nurture the children to become humane and loving individuals. Through regular parent sessions, activities that involve parental participation, and talent shows, parents are more closely connected to their children.

The Clever Children, a programme to support reading skills, are conducted in all four campuses. Each child is encouraged to read a book of their preference, discuss what they have read, and make a creative art about that book. As a part of the programme, each class has its own mini library, and children are encouraged to read at least 10 minutes a day with the help of their family at home.

Additional support for the teaching staff to improve their teaching abilities is provided. The teachers seek to help children learn using a creative approach and improve their problem solving, information processing, and innovating skills.

The experience of the teachers

  • Professional pre-school educators with professional qualifications
  • Capable and experienced club teachers
  • Assistant teachers with an official permission to teach
  • Experienced cooks and other support staff